Zaab Zaab


Zaab Zaab


Contact Info:

Address: 208 Grand St
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11211
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Phone: (718) 576-3743

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Thai


Owners Bryan Chunton and Pei Wei have transformed their Brooklyn restaurant, Tiger Prawn, into Zaab Zaab Talay (208 Grand Street), which emphasizes Isaan seafood. The eatery’s specialties include Pla Kha Min, red snapper fried with garlic and cumin; Pla Neung Manow, steamed branzino with garlic, lime, and makrut lime leaves; and Larb Pla Duk Yang, grilled catfish that's been shredded and tossed with Zaab Zaab’s signature larb seasoning of roasted rice powder, fried lime leaves, roasted chili, mint, and fish sauce.

The restaurant also features such mouthwatering dishes as Larb Ped Udon, the duck larb from Udon Thani that made the original location famous, as well as another new dish Larb Tod, a fried meatball of pork and beef with larb seasonings.

Zaab Zaab Talay has a full bar with cocktails made from a house ya dong, the potent northeast Thai moonshine made from fermented rice and herbs, as well as Jaew Som, made with mezcal and jaew sauce, a condiment made with roasted rice powder, tamarind, and lime that’s typically served with grilled meats.