New York City Street Fairs

Each year, New York City is home to hundreds of street fairs. They are a great way to enjoy the city's diverse culture through ethnic foods and crafts.



New York City Street fairs generally run from 11am to 6pm.
All dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Aug 5 - Jamaica Art and Music Summer Festival
Jamaica Ave and Parsons Blvd to 169th St, Queens

Aug 6 - Junction Blvd Festival
Junction LVF from Roosevelt to 35th Ave, Queens

Aug 12 - Amsterdam Avenue Fair
Amsterdam Ave from 79th to 86th St, Manhattan

Aug 13 - Broadway Festival
Broadway from Waverly to 14th St, Manhattan

Aug 20 - Steinway Street Festival
Steinway St from 28th to 34t Ave, Queens 

Aug 26 - Westchester Ave Festival
Westcester Ave from Bergen to 3rd Ave, Bronx
Aug 26 - WashingtonSquare Fair
Waverly Pl from 5th Ave to Univesity Pl, Manhattn

Aug 27 - East Islip Festival
Main St from Carleton to Harrison Ave, LI 

Aug 27 - Fourth Avenue Festival
Fourth Ave from 9th St to 14th St, Manhattan

To add a street fair or festival, email us at

To sign up as a vendor, or for additional information, contact the following
street fair production companies:

- Clearview Festival Productions Call (646) 230-0489
- Mardi Gras Festival Productions Call (212) 809-4900
- Mort and Ray Productions Call (212) 764-6330

Also, the NYC Community Assistance Unit at

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