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Anthony Bourdain’s Vision Becomes Reality at Urban Hawker in NYC
September 24, 2022, 12:39.56 pm ET


Anthony Bourdain’s Vision a Reality at Urban Hawker in NYC

The late Anthony Bourdain’s dream to bring the hawker markets of Singapore to the heart of New York City is now a reality. Even before its official opening, Urban Hawker at 135 West 50th Street is brimming with interesting foods and large crowds. Here is a taste of what you will find.

Urban Hawker, NYC, Smokin Joe

Urban Hawker, NYC, Smokin Joe Fish

At Smokin Joe visitors will find bowls of curry rice, sautéed vegetables and Hainanese tomato sauce with choice of protein including an oversized crispy fish cutlet. Other options include a fried chicken cutlet, along with grilled chicken and beef. Hainanese tomato spaghetti is also being served with egg and coleslaw.

Urban Hawker, NYC, Mr Fried Rice

People lining up at Mr Fried rice will find a range of interesting options including BBQ Stingray Fried Rice, Prawn Paste Chicken, Tariyaki Grilled Salmon and more. Tradisyon, meanwhile, is serving Filipino comfort foods like Rambutan pineapple salad with fresh rambutan, cucumbers, pineapple, jicama, and peanuts in a sweet soy and coconut vinaigrette, alongside BBQ Chicken with peanut sauce and Crispy Pata, deep-fried pork knuckles.

Urban Hawker, NYC, Prawnaholic

Urban Hawker, NYC, Prawnaholic Shrimp

Urban Hawker, NYC, Pork Belly

White Restaurant is serving “white beehoon,” a type of rice vermicelli, topped with things like Szechuan Mala, pork cutlet and premium seafood. At nearby Prawnaholic Collections, visitors will find noodle and ramen dishes (wet or soup) with bites of crispy pork lard. Prawn ramen and torched pork belly are among the leading options. There is also a fried oyster omelet and signature torched sesame prime rib ramen.

Urban Hawker, NYC, Ashes Burgers

Burger lovers will want to bite into a hawker-style burger at Ashes Burnnit from Lion City more than 15,000 miles away. Options include an SG Style Cheeseburger, Grilled Satay Chicken Burger, and Crispy Fried Fish Burger along with authentic Singapore omelet sandwiches. Hainan Jones nearby is serving up traditional Singapore Hainanese Chicken and Rice (roasted or poached). There’s also chicken porridge and wings over rice. Whole and half chicken can also be purchased.

Urban Hawker, NYC, Yum Yubu

Urban Hawker, NYC, Yum Yubu

Yum Yubu specializes in yubu, disks made of marinated tofu skins stuffed with sushi rice and topped with things like salmon, spicy chicken, beef bulgogi, tamago, truffle-salted guacamole, seared mushrooms, among others. Then there is Padi D’NYC offering up authentic Malay cuisine, including lamb and chicken satay, Mee Rebus (egg noodle with sweet curry with vegetables and hard-boiled egg), Longtong (made with compressed rice cakes) and Chicken Gulai.

Urban Hawker, NYC, Sling Bar

Visitors will also find the lively Sling Bar for cocktails, and traditional coffee drinks and Singapore toasts at Kopifellas.

We hope this entices you to pay a visit to Urban Hawker, which along with Eataly, Mercado Little Spain and the newly opened Tin Building are true New York City gems.


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