Balloon Museum Lands in NYC

October 13, 2023, 7:50.13 pm ET  

Photos: Balloon Museum                                                                                     

After celebrated runs in Europe, the first-of-its-kind Balloon Museum will make its highly anticipated stateside arrival to Pier 36 (229 South Street) on Friday, October 27 with a new exhibition, “Let’s Fly.”

The exhibit – which will use all 80,000 square-feet of Pier 36 -- will showcase diverse inflatable installations created by 13 international and NYC-based artists, including Hyperstudio, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Cyril Lancelin, ENESS, Rub Kandy, Quiet Ensemble, Camila Falsini, Michael Shaw, OUCHHH, Sasha Frolova, Sila Sveta, SpY Studio, and Tadao Cern.


Tickets to the Balloon Museum in New York City start at $35 for children and $45 for adults. They are available to purchase at 

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