Brazilian Restaurant Ipanema Returns to NYC

May 23, 2022, 6:26.48 pm ET  

Photos: Melissa Hom                                                                                            

Ipanema, the popular Brazilian and Portuguese restaurant, that once called Little Brazil its home on West 46th Street, has returned to Midtown with a new location, new look and new menu.  Co-owners Carlos and Victor Pedro are the sons of Alfredo Pedro who opened the original Ipanema in 1979. The new restaurant is located ten blocks north at 3 West 36th Street.

Ipanema’s dinner menu begins dishes like Cavalinha, cured mackerel with smoked aioli, citrus, bonito, and ponzu; Oysters with hearts of palm and green relish; Amêijoas, clams with pancetta, leeks and garlic; and Barriga de Porco, braised pork belly with celeriac and pickled red onions.

Entrees include Moqueca, fish stew with halibut, clams, mussels, squid, and shrimp, in coconut milk with dende oil; Bacalhau, fresh cured cod with bacon, cilantro, chickpeas and aquafaba; Feijoada, pork and black bean stew served with collard greens and farofa; and Picanha, Brazilian cut of steak served with port bordelaise, tomato vinaigrette and farofa; Steak Bitoque, a Portuguese dish with potato gratin, steak diane sauce and egg. Desserts include Salame de Chocolate with acerola sorbet and caramel cream.

The upstairs cocktail bar features sharable bites such as Coxinhas Patos, duck croquettes with housemade aioli; Pao de Queijo, cheese bread with yuca, parmesan and mozzarella; Piri Piri Chicken Wings; and Bolinhas, donuts with caramel sauce.

Look for vibrant twists on Portuguese and Brazilian classic cocktails like Rabo di Galo, the second most popular Brazilian cocktail after the caipirinha made with Avuá prata cachaça, Avuá amburana cachaça, vermouth, amaro and bitters; Daikrina with rum, amburana cachaça, chardonnay, and lime; and Classy as F*** with rye whiskey, bitters, turbinado sugar, spices, porcini stock and soda water.

The bi-level space, by Bolt Design Group, pays homage to Brazilian and Portuguese cultures. The entrance features a long hallway lined with solid oak wood planters, a custom hand cut stone floor that mirrors the boardwalks of Ipanema, and two miles of soft neutral colored ropes entwined on the ceiling. The 80-seat dining room has deep green and blue banquettes, warm wood chairs, and white marble tables, and the adjacent 20-seat private dining room features walls lined with photos from the restaurant’s original location, and shelves filled with a collection of books from the Pedro family. 

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