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Breads Bakery Adds a Touch of Sweetness to Rockefeller Center
December 20, 2022, 1:38.20 am ET


Photos: Breads Bakery

While walking along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan you can actually smell the scent of freshly-made baked goods in the air. That’s because the new Breads Bakery (1230 6th Ave between 48th and 49th St) at Rockefeller Center isn’t just a bake shop, it’s an actual working bakery. While shoppers are snapping up freshly made croissants, pastries and babkas in the sprawling shop below, bakers on the mezzanine level are working the ovens creating wonderful treats.

The story behind this particular Breads Bakery is also a love of New York. That's because while there was some debate as to New York's future and viability during the pandemic, Breads Bakery’s team decided that it was the perfect time to grow in the city they love. When asked to join the new cast of New York hospitality organizations tasked with revitalizing this iconic New York landmark, Breads Bakery jumped at the opportunity. The Bakery's team was thrilled to explore Rockefeller Center and the design of the new bakery pays homage to its exquisite Art Deco design.

There are two distinct items you will find at the new Rockefeller Center location – A New York City Pretzel and Pockets of Sunshine, a babka inspired by TV personality Al Roker.

The pretzel, a staple of New York street cart vendors for almost as long as the City has been in existence, is getting a welcome upgrade. The Breads version replaces the usually all white flour with some organic, New York State rye flour. They use it to create a beautiful rye sourdough starter. This gives some complex notes to this seemingly simple dough and makes the pretzel lighter, and gives it an airy texture. To go with the oversized pretzels ($6.50 each), Breads Bakery is showcasing a selection of house-made mustards (New York style, sweet, spiced and smoked mustard).

The Pockets of Sunshine Babka, meanwhile, features a slightly tart and refreshing lemon cream that is folded into the Bakery's signature babka dough. Once baked, the Pockets of Sunshine Babka is topped with fresh lemon zest to enhance the aroma and flavor of citrus. It is a reminder of summer, as New York heads into the winter months. All proceeds from the sale of the Pockets of Sunshine Babka will go to No Kid Hungry, a charity of Al’s choosing.

Breads Bakery at Rockefeller Center is open daily from 7am to 8pm. For more information, visit


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