Brooklyn DOP Brings Top Notch Pizza to Park Slope

June 11, 2022, 1:25.12 pm ET  

Brooklyn DOP, Park Slope, Brooklyn
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Pizza aficionados Thomas Gian Ardito and Jason D’Amelio take their pizza very seriously. Now they’re bringing it to the people at Brooklyn DOP in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  In Italy, “DOP” stands for the Protected Designation of Origin. At Brooklyn DOP it’s a designation of strict standards.

Brooklyn DOP, Park Slope, Brooklyn

The restaurant is serving up a mix of square and round pies and some with a thick cheese crust.  All of the pies are made with the freshest ingredients, including cheeses from Pecoraro Latteria, Stanislaus Tomatoes, 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano, extra virgin Sicilian olive oil and Sicilian sea salt. It’s all being done with a massive, three-tiered PizzaMaster oven.

Brooklyn DOP, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Pies include the DOP Sicilian, Giusepp’ (NY Style), La Regina Margherita, Nona Mena (Grandma) and a White Pie.  Several toppings are available include Roni Cups (cup-shaped pepperoni), sausage, shallots and roasted mushrooms. Pizzas are available until sold out.

Brooklyn DOP, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Brooklyn DOP is located at 237 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY (347) 599-1913

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