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Brooklyn Kura and Faccia Bruta to Host Cocktail Pop-UP
April 15, 2024, 6:28.51 pm ET


Photo: Ward 8 Studios

Brooklyn Kura (34 34th St.), is teaming up with Brooklyn-based amari brand Faccia Brutto to host a one-night only cocktail pop-up on Thursday, April 25.

Inspired by the rainbow of distinctive, rich colors of Faccia Brutto’s botanically-infused Italian spirits, Bar Manager Kyle Davis will ring in sunnier days with expertly-crafted cocktails made with amari and shochu (a grain-forward Japanese spirit). Each cocktail will be named after various Pikmin characters, as a nod to their signature saturated colors, like: Blue Pikmin — barley shochu, Faccia Brutto Centerbre, house made sake vermouth, spirulina; Purple Pikmin — sweet potato shochu, Faccia Brutto Amaro, ube, coconut; Red Pikmin — black sugar shochu, Faccia Brutto Aperitivo, sotol, blood orange