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Butterfield Chicken is Coming to Midtown
August 15, 2023, 5:39.18 pm ET


Photo: Butterfield Chicken

Butterflied Chicken (18 West 45th Street) is an exciting new fast casual chicken concept by four young up-and-coming restaurateurs offering the fresh flavors of Greece, along with the health benefits embodied in the Mediterranean Diet.

At the center of Butterflied Chicken’s menu is free range whole chicken sourced from local farms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that is grilled over an open flame and chopped into quarters on butcher blocks in the eatery’s open kitchen. The menu also includes several chicken options beyond the butcher cuts, including Chicken Souvlaki, a Chicken Burger and a handful of handcrafted seasonal bowls.

Additionally, the menu includes several vegetarian options, traditional Greek dips, salads, and, yes French fries. The restaurant will also serve wine and beer.

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