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Caffe Panna Expands to Brooklyn
July 9, 2024, 3:05.38 pm ET


Photos: Liz Clayman

Building upon the success of Caffè Panna in Gramercy, owner Hallie Meye is expanding her ice cream empire to Brooklyn with an ice cream factory and private event space in Greenpoint. All ice cream will be made onsite weekly, with ice cream flavors and sundaes changing daily, alongside soft serve and affogatos. Also new to Brooklyn: the launch of granita, with two flavors always on offer of the icy Italian favorite.

Menu items planned one include things like Fior di Panna Soft Serve (with Market Sungolds, Basil, Tuscan Olive Oil, Saba & Sea Salt), a Raspberry Lemon Bar Sundae (Lemon Bar and Vanilla Ice Creams with Lemon Curd, Graham Crunch, Lemon Bar Chunks, Raspberry Compote & Panna), and a Ritzy Business Affogato Sundae (Aud’s Dream, which is Vanila Sweet Cream with a PB Swirl, and Chocolate Ice Creams with Candied Ritz Crackers, Panna, Fudge & Peanut Butter Drizzles, crowned with Espresso).

Flavors sold by the pint include flavors such as Tahini Chocolate Cookie (Brown Butter Ice Cream with Caramel Swirl and Pan Pan Vino Vino Tahini Chocolate Cookies) and Guava Cream Cheese Bun along with scoops of Sorbet Swirl (Raspberry swirled with Alfonso Mango) and Mirabelle Magic (Sicilian Almond Ice Cream swirled with Mirabelle Plum and buttery Graham Crunch).

The ever-changing menu of ice cream, sundaes and affogatos highlight Meyer’s signature combination of unique flavors, seasonality and sourcing, including from small batch local purveyors, specialty ingredients from Italy, seasonal fruit from the Union Square Greenmarket and new Brooklyn-based partners like Kru, Pan Pan Vino Vino, Paloma bakery, Taku Sando and Edy’s Grocery.

The corner space at 16 Norman Avenue, the Brooklyn location is a newly renovated, single-story industrial building formerly housing a zipper factory that seamlessly blends into the historical DNA of the surrounding neighborhood. Featuring a 400 square foot cafe for enjoying ice cream inside (after orders are placed and picked up at the exterior window), the space centers on an airy 3,500 square foot ice cream production facility where flavors are conceived of and freshly churned onsite.

Scoops served at the Gramercy location will continue to be made onsite at the original Irving Place address. Streetside seats along Norman Ave. will also be available for al fresco ice cream enjoyment. The new home at the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg also includes a Panna Party Room, with additional space for larger corporate and private events in the production kitchen.Caffe