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Centuries old noodle maker Sarashina Horii makes its NYC debut
July 24, 2021, 11:34.56 am ET


Centuries old noodle maker Sarashina Horii makes its NYC debut
Photos: Sarashina Horii

New Yorkers are in for a rare treat at Sarashina Horii in Flatiron. Not only is the space amazing with its towering ceiling art and sexy bar, it is the only place to experience its signature Japanese soba noodles.

Sarashina Horii, NYC, Hard Clam Soba
Hamaguri Hard Clam Soba

In fact, this is Sarashina Horii’s first foray outside of Japan where it operates 3 locations in Tokyo. New York City is now its first international outpost. Overseen by ninth generation soba maker and owner Yoshinori Horii, Sarashina Horii has a history that dates back to 1789 to the age of Shoguns and Imperial Japanese Household. The restaurant was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations’ Tokyo episode seen here.

Sarashina Horii, NYC, Owner Yoshinori Horii
Owner Yoshinori Horii

Sarashina Horii is known for its unique white soba made using only the very core of the buckwheat seeds. The husk of the seed is polished off the way rice is polished to make sake. This white soba is a much different type of soba and has been made this way by the family since the late 1800s. No one else in New York is serving this style and it’s quite uncommon even in Japan being that it requires specific skills.

Sarashina Horii, NYC, Signature Soba
Sarashina Horii Signature Soba

The menu features more than a dozen soba dishes, both cold and hot, with options such as their signature Duck & Leek, Hamaguri clam, Kurobuta pork, Mushroom and Lobster tempura. A raw bar is offered along with tempura, including prawns, lobster and soft shell crab. Entrees, such as Stone-Grilled Duck and Black Cod with “Saikyo Miso” are also available.

Sarashina Horii, NYC, Soft Shell Crab Tempura
Soft Shell Crab Tempura

The Tasting Menu offers a great way to get the full experience of Sarashina Horii. The 6-course dinner tasting starts with 5 types of seasonal small bite appetizers, followed by 3 types of sashimi, then choice of each: tempura, soba, entrée and dessert ($98). The lunch tasting is shorter with an appetizer, carpaccio of white fish, then choice of each: tempura, soba and dessert ($48).

Sarashina Horii, NYC, Cocktail
Photo: Michael Tulipan

The beverage program offers sake, wine, beer and signature cocktails that highlight Japanese gin, shochu and whisky, plus international spirits. The Hanasaka (above) offers a mix of Shochu, Lillet Rose, Watermelon, Agave, Lime, Shiso, and Prosecco Rose.

Sarashina Horii, NYC, Interior
Photo: Michael Tulipan

Sarashina Horii is located at 45 E. 20th Street, NYC

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