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Charles Pan-Fried Chicken Opens on the Upper West Side
February 8, 2022, 9:39.41 pm ET


Charles Pan Fried Chicken, UWS, NYC, Meal

Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, a Harlem soulf food institution, has opened a second location on West 72nd Street near Columbus Avenue. When we arrived the line was literally out the door. There is no table service, just a counter to order and get your meal to go.
The restaurant is named after Charles Gabriel who was raised in the South and can be seen doting over his pan-fried chicken which emerges golden brown with a crispy skin. For the opening, the staff was working feverishly to keep up as some sides, like potato salad, and desserts, like peach cobbler, had already sold out. No one seemed to mind as long as they were able to snag some chicken.

Charles Pan Fried Chicken, UWS, NYC, Neon Sign
You can buy as little as three pieces, a half chicken, or better yet the family meal which comes with ten pieces and three sides for $35 (which is quite a steal). The chicken comes pan-fried, BBQ or "smothered." Also on the menu are Southern classics like smoked pulled pork, pan-fried catfish, jumbo shrimp and oxtails. Turkey legs and ribs also make an appearance.

Charles Pan-Fried Chicken appears to be off to a good start, as Gabriel continues to build his chicken empire one delicious chicken bite at a time!

Charles Pan-Fried Chicken is located a 144-146 W 72nd St, New York, NY

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