Cocktail Time: Our/New York Reinvents the Espresso Martini

March 3, 2022, 6:06.12 pm ET  

Photo: Our/New York                                                                    

Our/New York, the first distillery in Manhattan since Prohibition, is reinventing the classic cocktail and their special Espresso Martini has become the most-requested drink at the bar. What makes the drink so special is that in addition to using 1 oz. of Our/Vodka 80 proof and 1 oz of Espresso, the cocktail includes 1 oz of homemade “Our/Bustello-luha” (combining Bustelo Coffee, Our/Vodka 80 proof and Simple Syrup). All the ingredients are poured into a shaker with ice, and then strained into a coupe and garnished with three coffee beans for decorative effect.

Says Bar Manager Kaddy Feast of her recipe: “The great thing about making your own coffee liqueur is that you can use any coffee you like, sweeten it to taste, and select the spirit. I like Our/New York’s homemade ‘Bestello-luha’ because it is not as sweet as other coffee liqueurs, as it has a more authentic espresso coffee flavor profile.”

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