Dhom: An East Village Destination Worth Exploring

September 18, 2022, 11:35.09 am ET  

Dhom, East Villlage Restaurant, NYC, Interior
Photo: Morgan Miller @ Momo by Morgan                                                               

Dhom is a sexy new spot for Southeast Asian cuisine and cocktails in the heart of the East Village. Dhom, which stands “dark or night” in Laotian, also happens to be Chef/Owner Soulayphet Schwader’s nickname. Dhom lives up to its name as an intimate, inviting space with candlelit dining and welcoming bar where you can drop in for a bite or with a group.

Dhom, East Villlage, NYC, Spring Rolls

Dhom, East Villlage Restaurant, NYC, Skewers

 Dhom, East Villlage Restaurant, NYC, Sardines
Photos: Michael Condran                                                                                         

Small, sharable plates and skewers take center stage at Dhom. Think grilled skewers of hanger steak caramelized with fish sauce and lemongrass, garlicky chicken thighs, and duck heart. Other options include roasted Japanese eggplant with Berkshire pork, crispy spring rolls with chili sauce, crunchy coconut rice salad, mushroom bahn mi sandwich, and tinned Spanish sardines with charred tomatoes.

Dhom, East Villlage Restaurant, NYC, Bar
Photo: Morgan Miller @ Momo by Morgan                                                                 

Well-assembled cocktails range from the classic Negroni, Manhattan and Old Fashioned to signature drinks like The Lickity Split (Blended scotch, Ginger, Honey & Laphroaig spritz), and Bourbon & Citrus (Bourbon, Lime, Lemon, Orange & Bitters).  Interesting Japanese and local craft beers are available along with a lengthy sake list, and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Dhom, East Villlage Restaurant, NYC, Cocktail
Photo: Michael Condran                                             

Dhom also offers an interesting Happy Hour Monday to Saturday from 3pm to 6pm, and Thursday to Saturday from 10:30pm to 12 am, including various food and drink combinations.

Dhom is located at 505 E 12th St, New York, NY (646) 833-7965

For more information, visit https://www.dhomnyc.com/


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