Egg Shop Offering New Seaweed Bacon

July 5, 2022, 6:23.36 pm ET  

Photos: Umaro                                                                        

New York City’s Egg Shop is one of the first restaurants in the nation to offer a new form of bacon made from seaweed.

Umaro Foods uses concentrated red seaweed protein as an umami enhancing ingredient in its plant-based bacon alternative.

“We’ve nailed crispy bacon,” said Beth Zotter, Umaro’s CEO. “We’ve found a way to use seaweed in a totally new way to improve not just the meat, but also the unmistakable taste and texture of bacon fat.”

Egg Shop is offering Umaro bacon on its “Egg Shop Bacon Egg and Cheese” as a special item at their locations in Nolita and Williamsburg.


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