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Filthy Flats Arrives in Brooklyn
April 11, 2023, 6:34.31 pm ET


Photo: Filthy Flats "Cubano" Sandwich

Will Filthy Flats clean up in Brooklyn? The shop reinventing the sandwich, putting a gourmet twist on its open-faced flat bagels with its first location in Downtown Brooklyn.

Owner Randy Narod enlisted his brother-in-law, business partner, and trained executive chef, Joseph Anzalone, to create the perfect flat bread bagel. Together, they opened, managed, and grew Long Island Bagel Cafe into nine locations on Long Island. Filthy Flats is the duo's first foray intro Brooklyn using the same ingredients and methods that helped bring the LIBC shops to prominence.

Each bagel is hand rolled, boiled, and then flattened before baking to give them their signature shape. The flat bagels are baked fresh daily at a factory in Baldwin, New York and shipped to Filthy Flats where they are turned into open-faced sandwiches like the Turkey, Egg and Cheese, Cranberry Chicken Salad, BBQ Chicken, Cubano and more. There are also pizza flats and a strawberry cheesecake flat served on a raibow bagel.

Filthy Flats is located at 32 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY (718) 885-4538 For more information, visit