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Fonzie’s Pizza Pops Up at Jack & Charlie’s No. 118
November 1, 2022, 6:56.52 pm ET


Fonzie’s Pizza Pops Up at Jack & Charlie’s No. 118
Photo: Fonzie's

Fonzie’s Pizza, a take-out-only pizza pop-up from Chef Ed Cotton, will be operating out of his West Village wood-fired new American concept, Jack & Charlie's no. 118 at 118 Greenwich Ave. Cotton is introducing what he calls the “Metro-politan” pie, a cross between a New York pie and Neopolitan. Cotton plans to run Fonzie’s for a few months while he gears up for his next project, Alfonsina’s, an Italian enoteca dedicated to his late grandmother.

Cotton uses a (secret) blend of tomatoes as a base for the Fonzie’s pizza sauce – and it’s kept simple with pressed garlic clove, Frantoia Barbera olive oil, and a touch of Calabrian dried oregano. His dough combines high gluten flour, 00 flour, and good ol’ NY tap water to achieve a crust that is crispy yet pliable and chewy yet airy. Options include a Margherita ($21) with Lioni’s mozzarella and charred basil, and the Broken Meatball ($23), a red pie dotted with pieces of meatball (recipe adapted from his grandmother’s), a blend of Lioni’s mozzarella, caciocavallo, and pecorino romano cheeses, and topped with toasted pistachios, a drizzle of pistachio-arugula pesto, and aleppo pepper.

Fonzie’s Pizza will be slinging pies every Thursday (beginning Nov 10) from 12:00PM to 2:00PM. To celebrate the launch, the first 10 customers will get a FREE pie of their choice.


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