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Head to Sushi Delic in Lower Manhattan for a Fun Break from Reality
April 14, 2024, 10:04.44 pm ET



You might say Sushi Delic is the cat’s meow. This colorful cacophony of sights and sounds features oversized cat heads circling above the bar with lipstick lights as a bright pink conveyor belt delivers sushi and cocktails along with colorful art.

Sushi Delic describes itself as an immersive Kawaii experience where reality intertwines with the imagination. Guests should grab a seat at the bar to take in the entire show.

Cocktails come with names like the Sugar Plum Spritz, a fruity concoction made with plum wine, cranberry, lime and prosecco, or go for a Shōchū Sour with shōchū (a Japanese distilled beverage), lime, lemon and agave. Non-alcoholic drinks include Zombie Love, a mix of pineapple juice, ginger, agave and lime with a cranberry float.

As you sip your cocktail, watch in amazement as your sushi arrives via conveyor belt alongside colorful creations ranging from a statue of a laughing cat to a crystal handbag and ruby red stilettos. Visitors can opt for an $88, six-course omakase or choose from an assortment of a la carte dishes like crabcake croquettes, chicken karaage, California rolls with snow crab, and a selection of sashimi.

Sushi Delic is a lively, fun experience. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Sushi Delic is located at 177 Lafayette St, New York, NY (646) 478-7099. For more information, visit