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Kolachi Offers Late Night Bites in the East Village
November 2, 2023, 6:46.23 pm ET


Photos: Kolachi Rolls & Fries

Paratha Rolls takes center stage at Kolachi, a new spot in Manhattan’s East Village (130 1st Avenue) named after Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. Husband and wife founders Saif Qazi and Kiran Lutfeali made New York City their home in 2016 but found themselves always missing the authentic flavors from their first home city. Like most people, they also enjoy flavorful, satisfying, messy food.
The Paratha Rolls are flatbreads filled with chicken or beef that are deep-fried and topped with a sauce made from fresh mint, coriander, yogurt and a blend of spices. A vegetarian version is also available.

“These rolls are the quintessential nighttime food item; it’s the ultimate bite,” said co-owner Saif Qazi. “Like New York, Karachi is a city that never sleeps. I want to bring a piece of the spirit of Karachi to New York, and I believe that food is the best way to do that.”

The rolls are priced at $6.50 and are available seven days a week, from 4 pm to midnight on weekdays and 11 am to midnight on weekends. While Kolachi caters to takeout, counter seating is available for up to ten people