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Lashevet Brings Middle Eastern Flavors Uptown
March 1, 2022, 8:30.01 pm ET


Photos: Lashevet Restaurant

Lashevet, an intimate spot for Middle Eastern cuisine on the Upper East Side, draws its influence from Israel, Morocco, and Lebanon with a taste of Provence, France. The chef commanding the kitchen is Majid (Jay) Moulay Alami (formerly of Wallsé) who was born in Casablanca and spent part of his youth living in Marseille, France.

The mix of cultures and flavors can be found in Lashevet’s cuisine. Small plates, known as mezze, feature traditional dips, such as Humus (chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and spices, and Baba (charred eggplant and tahini dusted with smoked paprika). There is Tabbouleh salad made with fresh parsley, mint, bulgur wheat, lemon confit, and pomegranate, and Bissara, a soup made from fava beans with hints of cumin.

Larger plates bring Shipudei Lashevet (skewers), with choice of lamb, chicken, beef or shrimp served with basmati rice and shepherd’s salad; Big B’s Lamb Burgers with labneh gruyere cheese, pickled red onion and cornichons; and MeHayman, goat cheese encrusted salmon served with beet hummus and roasted cauliflower. Basbousa, a traditional semolina cake sweetened with syrup, is among the desserts.

Lashevet, which means “to settle” in Hebrew is led by Boris Lidukhover, who also owns Sushi Dojo, and Food Scientist Larisa Sheihet.

Lashevet Restaurant is located at 1663 First Ave, New York, NY (646) 559-1560

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