Lazy Sundaes opening in NYC on Oct 14

October 13, 2020, 5:39.30 pm ET  

Photos: Minu Han                                                                                                          

The team behind Boba Guys in New York is launching Lazy Sundaes.  Tammy Na and Amber Luan are partnering on the project, a cafe offering bubble tea and bingsoo (Korean shaved ice) sundaes, inspired by the Korean and Taiwanese flavors of their childhoods. Three locations are being opened in downtown New York City [23 Clinton Street, between Stanton and East Houston streets; 11 Waverly Place, between Greene and Mercer streets; and Canal Street Market, 265 Canal Street, between Broadway and Lafayette].  

Bingsoo is a Korean dessert made of finely shaved milk-based ice that is made through a machine that instantly freezes liquid to -58 degrees (F). This 'snow' is then transferred to a bowl and layered with various toppings, made of high-quality ingredients such as fresh fruits, condensed milk, and red beans preserve. Traditionally, bingsoo is meant for sharing at a table, with servings for up to four people, but Lazy Sundaes will be offering personalized, individual servings, perfect for on the go.  


Bingsoo sundaes, made with oat milk, include The Original Bingsoo, topped with red bean preserve, condensed milk, mochi and soy bean powder; Matcha Bingsoo, topped with matcha, red bean preserve, mochi and condensed milk; and Oreo Dirt Bingsoo, topped with Oreo crumbles, gummy worms and condensed milk.  

Clinton Street and Waverly Place are open for contactless ordering and pickup seven days a week from 1pm - 7pm and Canal Street Market from 12pm - 6pm. For more information, please visit  

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