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Le Jardinier Offers Dry January Cocktail Pairing Menu
January 3, 2024, 6:40.45 pm ET


Photo: Nicole Franzen

Michelin-starred restaurant Le Jardinier is launching an NA cocktail pairing menu in partnership with Everleaf that will be available for the month of January. Created by bartender and conservation biologist, Paul Matthew, Everleaf’s three expressions – Forest, Mountain, and Marine – are all anchored in different parts of the natural world, which act as both inspiration for flavor profiles and sources for key botanicals.

The seasonal expression menu is $195 per person and the NA pairing menu will be priced at $55 per person, in comparison to the $95 wine pairing menu option. See full menu for reference below:

First course:
Dish: HIRAMASA, sweet potato & coconut, green grapes, black sesame, caviar
N/A Cocktail: "Ever Spritz" (Everleaf Mountain and Marine served in a spritz style with NA champagne)

Second course:
Dish: SQUASH, "Mille Fueille," parmesan foam, lemon thyme
N/A Cocktail: "Cucumber Leaf" (Everleaf Marine, green apple juice, vanilla syrup, cucumber juice, yuzu and lemon)

Third course:
Dish: LOBSTER, creamy polenta, caraflex cabbage, bisque
N/A Cocktail: "Ever Fall" (Everleaf Forest, pear juice, chamomile syrup, lemon juice and candied ginger)

Fourth course:
Dish: DUCK, fuyu persimmon aigre doux, baby turnips
Cocktail: "Lever" (Everleaf Mountain, hibiscus syrup, raspberry puree, lemon, carbonated saline water)

Fifth course:
Dish: PUMPKIN PATCH, autumn spice cheesecake mousse, candied ginger ice cream
Cocktail: Neat Everleaf Forest served as a digestif

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