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Leske’s Bakery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Closes After 62 Years
April 22, 2023, 4:25.49 pm ET



It is the end of an era in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn as Leske’s closes its doors for good at 7612 Fifth Avenue. In its place is an Italian bakery called II Fornaretto III. A sign above the shop now simply says "bakery."

Leske’s, which opened in 1961, was well known for its Scandinavian baked goods and treats including raspberry and cream filled doughnuts, some of the best coffee cake in the city, oversized cinnamon rolls, wonderful breads (including its delicious cranberry rolls) as well assorted pies and cakes. In its heyday the chocolate cream pie was to die for.

Leske’s had threatened to close in the past and had a rocky relationship with its landford which sicced the New York City Marshal on them in 2019. It also briefly closed in 2011 and emerged with new owners. But this appears to be the final curtain for Leske’s which quietly closed, taking with it the last remnant of the neighborhood’s Scandinavian roots. It will be missed!