The Citiblog

Marky’s Caviar Opens at Grand Central
August 4, 2022, 7:15.38 pm ET


Photo: Marky's Caviar

Marky’s Caviar is making its presence known at the world-famous Grand Central Station. Conveniently located past the entrance on Lexington Ave, the luxury retail outpost is offering a vast selection of gourmet specialties including imported foie gras, truffles, cheeses, and sustainably-harvested fine caviar, both affordable and high-end — Beluga, Sterlet, Osetra, and Hackelback amongst the options. Train riders and passersby can also expect to get their hands on an exclusive tin of Top Chef winner Buddha Lo’s own private-label Kaluga caviar.

Marky’s at Grand Central provides a premium shopping experience in the bustling setting that is America’s busiest train station. The one-stop-shop will grant both last-minute gifters and midtown-based gourmands the enviable opportunity to choose from the world’s best delicacies.

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