Mideast-based Bora Bora Juices Up NYC

January 6, 2023, 11:17.19 am ET  

Bora Bora, Juice Bar, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 
Photos: Cititour.com                                                                                             

A juice bar that originated in Kuwait has made its way to Brooklyn.  Bora Bora with locations in six Arab nations and now the United States offers pumped up juice drinks and other sweet options like crepes and pancakes. 

Bora Bora, Juice Bar, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

We counted more than 30 drink options on the menu with names like Rainbow Rocket (slush with yellow, blue ice cream), Strawberry Shortcake ( ice cream, bisvuit, strawberry, cheese cake, syrup and cream), Fruit Splash (kiwi, frozen mango, frozen strawberry and ice cream), Blue Freez (crushed ice, Hawaii fruit freez, peach rings and cotton candy), and the Unicorn ( strawberry & mango ice cream, coated sugar cone and rainbow flakes).

Bora Bora, Juice Bar, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bora Bora is located at 7322 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY (347) 492-0243

For more information, visit https://borabora-juice.com/


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