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Mister Dips makes a splash at the Seaport
June 17, 2021, 12:21.51 am ET


People are lining up for Mister Dips at the Seaport. The maker of gourmet dipped cones has a splashy new location on the water's edge. The shop with its Mister Dips mascot is a fun place with rounded edges, colorful signs and white booths and tables inside and out where you can enjoy your meal. The menu is chock full of dipped ice cream cones, the Dipsy Doozy ("a thick-aaazz shake") and the Boozy Doozy spiked with booze for adults.

Dipped cones include the Berry Gibbs, a strawberry dipped cone with nilla wafers and sweet cream, Buttermilk Crunch with mint custard, fudge drizzle & grasshopper cookie, and Chocolate P.B.D. featuring dark cocoa soft serve with a salted peanut butter dip. To celebrate pride month, Mister Dips is offering Pride N' True with vanilla custard, cake batter and all of the colors of the rainbow. Mister Dips is also serving up floats with root beer and other sodas.

Visitors will also find griddle burgers, which are excellent by the way, made with all-natural angus beef. Choose from a single dip with aged cheddar and "fine n' dandy" sauce, a double version and a double-smoked bacon version with American cheese and spicy red slaw. There also an Impossible Dip. Chixy Dips, which are crispy boneless chicken fingers, can also be found along with waffle fries, regular and loaded.


One of the things we were really impressed with are the prices which start in the $5-to-$6 range for burgers and cones making it an affordable option for families in the area. But seeing kids' faces light up with one of the cones. Well, that's priceless!

Mister Dips is located at 89 South Street (Pier 17), New York, NY. Open Wednesday-Sunday.

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