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NSA Noodle Bar Arrives In Williamsburg
September 27, 2021, 6:20.32 pm ET


East Meets West at NSA Noodle Bar in Williamsburg where diners can expect a mash-up of Japanese and Italian cuisine. NSA stands for No Strings Attached. Restaurateurs Chiwa Yeung and Spencer Cartledge launched the restaurant, which grew out of a ghost kitchen for their La Margarita pizzeria. It was there that they met their new executive Chef Brooke Apfelbaum who added things like truffles and wagyu beef to the toppings.

At NSA Noodle Bar, Apfelbaum is at it again creating dishes like braised Wagyu ragu with garlic and basil over house-made garganelli pasta; pan-seared scallop fettucine with parmesan cream sauce, uni crème with angel hair pasta and parmesan crisps; and chilled yuzu shrimp ramen with Thai chili pepper, grilled corn, red bell pepper, and shaved carrots in a Yuzu shoyu broth.

Photos: NSA Noodle Bar

The sleek, minimalist space features bar seating, small dining room, as well as counter seating and is adorned with items donated by family and friends.

NSA Noodle Bar is located at 135B North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY

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