NYC Bites Wicked Wings at Jiku

November 29, 2021, 7:25.12 pm ET  


For fans of chicken wings, even if it means getting your hands a little dirty, Jiko in Prospect Park South is the place to be.  The Korean-style wings come in several varieties including soy garlic, spicy garlic, sweet chili and buffalo. The “Wicked Wings” are wickedly good, a little crispy around the edges, large and juicy. They can also be sweet and sticky depending upon the sauce you choose. The wings come in two sizes: 8 pieces for $14 and 18 for $26.  Boneless wings are also available. They're served with a side of with pickled radish.

Jiku Wicked Wings & Korean Grub is located at 1219 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 975-2259

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