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Naro, From Atomix Team, Opens at Rock Center
November 1, 2022, 1:06.41 am ET



Naro is the newest high-profile restaurant to open at Rockefeller Center. It follows entries such as Ignacio Mattos’ Lodi and Le Rock, from the folks behind Frenchette. Naro is from husband-and-wife team Junghyun “JP” and Ellia Park whose restaurant Atomix scored two Michelin stars for its inventive Korean fare. Expect more of the same at Naro.

The curved restaurant surrounded by ribbed glass features a full bar and table seating as well as a lounge area on the concourse overlooking the ice skating rink. Diners will find dishes rooted in Korean History utilizing traditional techniques with seasonal ingredients.

Lunch and dinner are assembled into several different tasting menus, including a vegetarian option. Among the menu items - Tangpyeongchae, a mung bean jelly salad with chilled vegetables and choganjang; Potato Jeon with miyeok, dashima, and bronze fennel; Kalguksu, a knife-cut Korean noodle soup with oyster mushrooms, parsley and pyogo broth; and Hobak Jjim, a stir-fry with pine nut rice, Korean pear and chopi. Desserts include a Pear Pavlova with blood orange coulis, omija punch and pear hibiscus sorbet. The entire experiences for dinner is $195 per guest; $95 for lunch. The Bar is open for walk-in guests serving a la carte menu items.

Two more stylish restaurants are on the way, Jupiter (from the queens of Soho gem, King) and Five Acres (Greg Baxtrom's Manhattan debut).

Naro is located at 610 5th Ave, CO 04, Rink Level, New York, NY (212) 202-0602

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