The Citiblog

New Mercer Labs Museum Explores Art and Technology
June 21, 2024, 6:34.04 pm ET


Photo: Mercer Labs Museum

Visitors and natives alike looking for somewhere new to visit should consider the Mercer Labs, Museum of Art and Technology, newly opened at 21 Dey Street.

Co-founded by Michael Cayre and Roy Nachum, this experimental institution stands at 36,000 square feet and features 15 exhibition spaces, interactive multisensory experiences, unique 4D sound listening encounters and installations featuring LED mirrored infinity rooms and 16K projections.

The museum’s purpose is to explore and reimagine the symbiotic relationship between art and technology. Its current exhibition, “Limitless,” has been curated by Nachum. He transitions between narrative and abstraction, inviting exploration of the intricate spatial framework of source imagery and technical direction. His experimental approach incorporates elements from art history, conceptualism and interactivity, to confront conventional artistic boundaries and explore sensory substitution, hypnagogic imagery, internal representations, and mental rotation.

Further, at the core of its mission, Mercer Labs is an onsite laboratory, known as Mercer Studio, which facilitates an ongoing exchange among artists, musicians and creatives, and brings collaboration to its forefront. Recent partnerships include ones with the Tribeca Festival for its 2024 Immersive Program, Grammy Award -winning artist Dua Lipa for her “Radical Optimism” album release, and most recently, Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys.