New York City's New Inflation Special

August 28, 2022, 3:17.25 pm ET  

NYC's New Inflation Special

With the price of street hot dog (aka dirty water dog) now topping 4 dollars in Times Square; a Carne Asado Taco at Los Tacos #1 on West 43rd street at $4.95; and $8.49 for a 2-piece Chickenjoy at the newly-opened Jollibee, we decided to look for the best deal in town and found it on the corner of 7th Avenue and 40th Street.

99 Cent Pizza, Times Square, NYC

99 Cent Pizza, Times Square, NYC, $2.99 Special

Here you will find a steady stream of people at the recently opened 99 Cent Pizza. The people behind the counter work quick to get the pizzas by the slice out as the line forms outside. There are premium pies like pepperoni and vegetable. But if you are looking for the real deal, which we've dubbed the "inflation special," go for the 2  slice cheese pizza with can of soda or water for $2.99. It is possibly the best price for a quick meal anywhere around. Also, since the pies sell out quickly they are usually nice and hot with the cheese nice and melty. 

 99 Cent Pizza, Times Square, NYC, Slices

99 Cent Pizza, Times Square, NYC, Exterior

OK. Is it the best slice we've had in the city? Maybe it could use a little more cheese.  But the crust is nice and crunchy, and when you are hungry, or needing to feed a couple of screaming kids, it could be a lifesaver. If you're looking for a premium slice, head to Joe's about a block and a half away, where you will also find a long line!

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