New York City’s Strongest Cup of Joe

January 5, 2023, 7:21.28 pm ET  


If you are looking for a truly caffeinated experience head to Kopifellas, a new Singaporean coffee shop, at the recently opened Urban Hawker food hall in Midtown. 

Kopi, also known as Nanyang coffee, is cooked in a tall pot with what looks like a long sock inside which acts as the filter.  The result is a coffee goo with the consistency of crude oil. This highly-caffeinated liquid gold is then place in a cup where hot water, milk and sugar are added (the latter two are optional). The end result is the city’s buzziest brew. 

The stand offers hot and cold coffee drinks along with a lengthy list of teas, and traditional toasts with choice of kaya butter, peanut butter and butter sugar.

- TR

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