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Old John's Luncheonette makes a retro return to the UWS
June 16, 2021, 12:20.52 am ET


Old John's Luncheonette, NYC, Burger

Old John’s Luncheonette on the Upper West Side is back! The old-time diner has been resurrected by restaurateur Louis Skibar, a former Old John’s employee.

Old John's Luncheonette, NYC, Meatloaf

Old John’s is known for serving up classic American comfort foods. Think Disco Fries with pickled red onions, gravy, and mozzarella; Old John’s Burger with an 8 oz dry-aged patty, cheddar cheese, and raw onion on a house made sesame bun with French fries; My Momma’s Meatloaf with potato puree with French beans, brown butter and almonds; Saltine Cracker-Crusted Cod with steamed broccolini, homemade tartar sauce, and lemon; and Chicken Pot Pie with carrots, peas, and puff pastry.

Old John's Luncheonette, NYC, Blueberry Pie

For dessert, how about a Warm Brownie (baked in a cast iron skillet) with fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream and mocha crème anglaise, as well as cakes (Carrot Cake, 5-Layer Dark Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, and New York Cheesecake), pies (Apple Pie with salted caramel sauce, Blueberry Pie, and Lemon Meringue), and ice cream made in-house that you can get by the scoop, a sundae or banana split.

Photos: Marconi Jose Gonzalez

Due to its close proximity to ABC and The Juilliard School, Old John’s became a regular hangout for celebrities throughout its 70-year run. Tony Danza, Susan Lucci, Kevin Kline, Alan Alda, Paul Shaffer, and Regis Philbin were among its frequent visitors.Right now. The restaurant is open for dinner with breakfast and lunch to follow.

Old John’s Diner is located at 148 West 67th Street in New York City. 212-874-2700,

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