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Restaurant Radar: Shake Shack replaces Santina in the Meatpacking District
August 17, 2022, 7:50.11 pm ET



Santina, the chandelier-clad Italian restaurant by Major food Group located inside a glass cube beneath the high line in the Meatpacking District, has been replaced with Shake Shack. Santina was among a number of high-profile NYC restaurants to shutter during the pandemic.

The glass cube designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano was viewed as a status symbol. Today, visitors will find a fast food counter for Shack Burgers and shakes, including a new Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger. Hand-spun shakes come in flavors like Chocolate Churro and Oreo Cookie Funnel Cake. Seating is available inside as well as on an adjacent patio.

Shake Shack Meatpacking District is located at 820 Washington St, New York, NY