Review: 1776 Speaks Loudly to 2022

October 6, 2022, 10:19.29 pm ET  

Review: 1776 Speaks Loudly to 2022
Photo: Joan Marcus                                                                                                 

By Brian Scott Lipton

“Have we ever been so divided as a nation?” People now ask this question on a daily basis, amidst news of controversial Supreme Court decisions about abortion, political polls that still show massive support for Donald Trump, and often-violent disagreements among friends and family about everything from gay marriage to reparations to African Americans. But, as Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards’ classic musical “1776,” now onstage in a welcome revival at the Roundabout Theatre Company’s American Airlines Theatre, so potently reminds us, divisiveness has always built into this country’s fabric. Continue reading...

 1776 The Musical, Broadway, 2022


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