Taiwanese Tea Shop Xing Fu Tang Arrives on St Marks

November 3, 2021, 1:04.35 am ET  

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Xing Fu Tang has emerged on the corner of St Marks Place and 2nd Avenue.  The shop known for its hand-crafted brown sugar boba from Taiwan. It’s made fresh hourly and used in an assortment of different drinks. Drinks include Brown Sugar Boba Milk topped with torched brown sugar, Whipped Dalgona Coffee with organic milk, and Bobo Soft Serve dusted with brown sugar.

Other seasonal drinks include Taro Boba Ube Milk made with real ube, coconut mile and taro boba, and Strawberry Boba Milk, a strawberry smoothie with handmade strawberry boba and organic whole milk. Refreshing fruit teas are also available including grapefruit Green Tea and Lime Green Tea. There’s also a Curacao Soda with giant purple handmade jellies.

Xing Fu Tang is located at 133 2nd Avenue, New York, NY

For more information visit xingfutang.com 

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