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The $50 Veal Chop at Newly Re-opened Sandro’s on the Upper East Side
August 10, 2022, 6:40.35 pm ET



Sandro’s has reopened at a new location on the Upper East Side. Owner Sandro Fioriti worked his way up the kitchens of Italy learning the art of Roman-style cuisine. In 1985, he came to the U.S. and opened the original Sandro’s to rave reviews. The new Sandro’s at 322 East 86th Street is a welcoming space with a small bar and homey dining room. The restaurant is already drawing a nice crowd.

On the menu, diners will things like Suppli, Roman-style rice balls filled with mozzarella de buffalo and rice sautéed in Bolognese sauce; Sandro’s Polpette, meatballs served with tomato sauce; and Proscutto San Danielle with 24-month aged burrata.

Several pasta dishes make an appearance including Cacio e Pepe, Rigatoni with Polpette, and Spaghettini al Limone made with Sandro’s signature creamy lemon sauce. Seafood specialties range from grilled branzino to butterflied grilled prawns. Other highlights include Veal Milanese, a $50 bone-in veal chop pounded, breaded and lightly fried. For dessert, there's Sandro’s Biscotti and Bombolone, Italian douhnuts filled with Nutella or pastry cream.

Head over for a true Italian meal!