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The Chocolate Festival is on at Fan Fan Doughnuts
April 21, 2023, 7:18.28 pm ET


Photo: Fan Fan Doughnuts

After scouring the web for the best chocolate doughnut ideas, Fan Fan Doughnuts is bringing those ideas to life at this year’s Chocolate Doughnut Festival in Bedford Stuyvesant. The festival runs through Sunday, April 23rd where regular offerings are replaced with exciting new entries, including glazed, frosted, filled and special doughnuts.

Among this year’s winners are American Pastime with caramelized corn, peanuts and caramel; Wylie Chocolate Tres Leches with chocolate tres leches filling, edible flowers and caramel. Sticky Fingers, a hand-shaped doughniut with white, dark and milk chocolate; Sundae Fundae with vanilla, cherries, hot fudge and cone pieces; Chocolate Birthday Cake with chocolate buttercream and homemade sprinkles; and Summercamp with brownies, fudge glaze and potato chips.

Fan Fan Doughnuts is located at 448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY (347) 533-7544. For more information, visit