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The Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine Opens in Times Square
August 19, 2023, 10:31.13 am ET



Sardines, sardines and more sardines. In Times Square, where people are often packed like sardines, it is only fitting for a magical sardine experience to appear. The Fantastic World of The Portuguese Sardine sits on the corner of 48th Street at 1592 Broadway.

The shop, which has a whimsical feel, is filled floor-to-ceiling with tins of sardines, all hand-packed in Portugal. They can be found swimming in extra virgin olive oil and tomato sauce, among others.

If you are willing to pay the price there is the gold standard ($44) which come in a tin resembling a gold bar. One of the workers told us the sardines are skinned and deboned by hand, with even the tiniest bones removed, making it the perfect gift for the sardine afficionado.

The space itself resembles a library full of books, in this case sardine tins, with ornate trim work and cartoonish characters that you might find in a theme park.

Comur, which operates the shop, calls itself the “master of ceremonies” for this Portuguese tradition showcasing the work of 100 skillful artisans who have been doing this since 1942. The tins can be purchased in sets. Instead of a bag, individual sardine cans arrive in an international shipping envelope with the Comur seal.

Whether you’re a fan of the sardine or not, The Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine is truly fantastic!