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Tipsy Shanghai Opens in Hell’s Kitchen
November 6, 2022, 2:26.33 pm ET


Tipsy Shanghai Opens in Hell’s Kitchen

Take a trip into the past at Tipsy Shanghai which recently expanded to Hell’s Kitchen where it is showcasing traditional Chinese dishes, some going back a century ago.

The restaurant itself is a showstopper with a bright red ornate screen catching your eye as your walk through the doors with three rows of tables inside. Vintage looking Chinese posters line the walls, with wooden cabinets and breakfronts holding traditional tea sets, bowls and other knick-knacks you might find in your own dining room.

Tipsy Shanghai, Hell’s Kitchen, Dumplings

The foods here are unique ranging from fried vegetable dumplings dating back to the emperor of China’s Qing Dynasty (1850 AD) and steamed pork dumplings dotted with scallions and black & white sesame seeds with a mellow soup inside. Tipsy Shanghai is also known for its Wuxi Ribs made with a secret recipe dating back more than 110 years. There are also hard-to-find dishes like Osmanthus Salted Duck which is served cold offering an unadulterated take on duck. There are numerous noodle dishes ranging from simple “Spring Noodles” to braised shredded eel, and Peking-style minced pork.

Tipsy Shanghai, Hell’s Kitchen, Soup

Soups abound like the Fresh & Salted Pork with bamboo shoots and noodle with the texture of cloth wrapped into knots. Others feature bean curd jelly Suzhou style and braised chopped pork ball in vegetable soup. There is also a section for healthy-forward dishes like green beans and minced pork alongside classics like General Tso’s Chicken.

Tipsy Shanghai is located at 683 9th Avenue, New York, NY

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