VIA VAI launches line of Italian pastries

May 23, 2021, 10:39.14 am ET  

Photo: VIA VAI                                                                                              

Via Vai, a Roman-Italian restaurant created by Michelin-recognized Chef Antonio Morichini, is now launching a pastry line, Linea Rustica.  The baked goods are handcrafted daily by Chef Morichini using simple four-step ingredients to create traditional Italian pastries and pies. 

With a 24-hour notice, these goodies are available for retail and wholesale. Options include:

- Bombolone, the word, stems from the name bomba meaning “bomb” in Italian and consists of a soft Italian donut topped with snowy powdered sugar filled with vanilla cream, marmalade or nutella.

-  Maritozzo is a classic sweet pastry, traditionally packed full of whipped cream, which has satisfied Romans for centuries. 

- Tortino di mele a dense almost pudding-like cake made up of butter, flour, lemon zest, vanilla extract.

- Danese Italian Apricot Pastry, a star-shaped pastry made from Italian flour, whole milk, eggs, sugar, honey, rum, pastry cream and apricot. 

On the savory side there is Panini al latte - small, soft milk rolls with sweet and savory ingredients such as nutella, jam, salami, and cheese. Rustic pies are also available, such as Torta d’erbette, a crustless savory pie made of sauteed swiss chard, eggs, and cheese 

Pastries and pies are available with 24-hour advance notice with a minimum purchase of six pieces per order by calling the restaurant. For more information visit


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