Viva Mexican Pizza at Tiny's Cantina

April 29, 2021, 5:36.35 pm ET  

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If you’ve ever tried Taco Bell’s (now defunct) Mexican pizza, put that out of your mind completely. Let us re-introduce you to the tlayuda via the new Prospect Heights cantina, Tiny’s.

Opening just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Tiny’s Cantina was initially developed by restaurateur Mathew Glazier early in the Pandemic as a takeout-friendly concept focused on Central Mexican fare that would travel — namely Mexican pizza. This would have marked Brooklyn's first tlayuderia — a genre plentiful in Los Angeles, but not yet a thing in New York.

Executive Chef Cenobio Canalizo, who hails from Puebla, has put a decidedly Poblano spin on the tlyuderia including a bright chorizo version — a handmade corn tortilla covered in chorizo, frijoles negros con hoja de aguacate (avocado leaves), radishes, pickled onions, crema, and quesillo. Another Pueblan street food signature is the Cemita Poblana served with smoked chipotle.

The drinks menu features over 75 bottles of craft mezcal and tequila and cocktails like the Golden Eagle, made with mezcal, apricot, ginger, pineapple, cilantro-infused simple syrup and mole bitters.

Tiny's Cantina is located at  at 229 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY  (718) 970-7007  Website

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