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Xolo and Bar Milagro Opening in Williamsburg
April 16, 2022, 11:05.07 am ET


Xolo, Williamsburg, Mexican, Opening, NYC
Photos: Melissa Hom

In Williamsburg, you will find now two distinct gathering places under one roof. Xolo is an all-day, bright and airy Mexican café and restaurant, while Bar Milagro is a subterranean den serving tequila and mezcal-driven cocktails. Here you can start the day with breakfast tacos and finish with a cocktail while taking in unmatched views of the East River.

Xolo, Williamsburg, Mexican, Tacos, NYC
William Lopez and Gigi Boetto joined together to create the Xolo space filled with Oaxacan paintings. Xolo is short for Xoloitzcuintle, an ancient Mexican dog, and the national dog of Mexico. Look for a contemporary spin on traditional Mexican dishes, such as house-made Chicharrones with chile, lime and salt; Chalupas Poblanas, two with verde sauce and two with roja sauce; and Mini Meatballs “Al Pastor”. Tacos include Carne Asada, CDMX taqueria style with melted cheese, Pollo Asado with avocado and salsa verde, Baja Style Fish, and Grilled Mushrooms with asparagus, poblano peppers and onions.

Xolo, Williamsburg, Mexican, Chalupas, NYC

Main courses include Chile Poblano Relleno de Queso with rice and beans; Cod steamed in banana leaf with Spanish olives & pepper relish, and Xolo Burger with fries and a salad. Desserts are offered on a rotating basis like Horchata Panna Cotta, Blue Corn Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, and Tres Leches Coco Meringue. Xolo also operates as a morning coffee shop and cafe with a selection of pastries, tamales and breakfast tacos.

Bar Milagro, Williamsburg, Mexican, Interior, NYC

Bar Milagro, meanwhile, features shareable plates like Guacamole, Chicharrones, Quesadillas with cheese, steak, or chicken fillings, along with Chalupas Poblanas and Sliders. Beverages include refreshing cocktails with names like La Sirena (gin, grapefruit, and coconut cream), Tropical Mezcalito (mezcal, passion fruit, Campari), and Fuerte Como La Muerte (tequila, mezcal, lilet, and orange). There are also twists on classics like Mezcal Negroni, Oaxaca Old Fashioned, and Mezcal and Pineapple Margarita. Boozy shakes also make an appearance.

Bar Milagro, Williamsburg, Mexican, Boozy Shake, NYC

The subterranean bar is anchored by 2,000 hand-painted Mexican charms, known as milagros, on the ceiling. Milagros symbolize protection, good luck, good health and hopes for the future.

Xolo and Bar Milagro are located at 29 Dunham Place, at the corner of S. 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY