Menu: Cafe Sabarsky

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BREAKFAST9 - 11 am Sabarsky FrühstückViennese Mélange, fresh squeezed orange juice, two soft-boiled eggs in a glass, baguette with butter and Bavarian ham - 19

Wiener FrühstückViennese Mélange, fresh squeezed orange juice, baguette with butter, jam, and honey, and a soft-boiled egg- 13

Breakfast basket with honey and jam(Baguette, Milk bread, Austrian wheat bread) - 6

Milk bread with candied fruit-2,5

Brioche toast -2,5

Guglhupf, or Hazelnut Guglhupf -2,5

Scrambled eggs with bacon and roasted potatoes -9

Soft-boiled egg - 3,5

Two soft-boiled eggs served in a glass -7

Bavarian ham and cheese plate -8

Baguette with salami, ham, or cheese -5 


SAVORY Spring pea soup with mint - 10

Goulash soup with potatoes - 12

Spätzle with wild mushrooms, peas, sweet corn, and tarragon - 15

Hungarian beef goulash with fresh herbed quark Spätzle - 25

Paprika Sausage salad with peppers, red onions, and apple-pear-vinaigrette- 12

Crêpes with smoked trout and horseradish crème fraiche - 14

Scallops with green asparagus, lemon vinaigrette and basil oil- 17

Viennese sausage with goulash sauce - 10

Bavarian sausage with potato salad - 11

Sauteed sausage with Riesling sauerkraut and roasted potatoes - 13

  SALADS Watercress salad with roasted duck and wild mushrooms - 15

Organic Bean salad with pistacchios and pumpkinseed oil - 12

Prosciutto and cantaloupe with arugula - 16

Avocado salad with crabmeat and tomatoes - 16

Market greens and herbs, radishes, cherry tomatoes and pumpkinseed oil - 10   SANDWICHES On wheat bread

Cooked ham with horseradish -11

Salami spread with cornichons - 11

Liverwurst with onion confit - 11

Spicy eggs with cornichons and paprika - 11

Matjes Herring with egg and apple - 12

Smoked salmon with cream cheese - 14  


Sabarskytorte - Chocolate and rum cake

Sachertorte : Classic Viennese dark chocolate cake with apricot confiture

Topfen-Birnen-Torte : Quark cheese cake with pears

Walderdbeertorte - Sweet wine Bavarianwith wild strawberries

Klimttorte : Chocolate and hazelnut cake

Apfelstrudel : Apple strudel(For our diabetic guests the Strudel is also available sugar free)

Frucht Streuselkuchen : Mixed fruit crumble cake

Linzertorte : Hazelnut tart with fresh raspberry confiture

Rehrücken: Chocolate-marzipan cake with orange confiture

Zitronenschnitte : Lemon tart

Doboschtorte : Hungarian Caramel cake

Schokolade Feuilleté (available Fri – Mon) : Flourless Chocolate feuilleté

Esterházyschnitte (available Fri – Mon) : Hazelnut cake with Vanilla-Butter crème

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (available Fri – Mon) : Chocolate cake with cream and cherries


Guglhupf : Marble cake - 6 


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.