Menu: Coco Roco

Phone: (212) 965-3376

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Ensaladas-Salads: Served with mustard vinaigrette

Mixta $3.95 romaine lettuce, carrot, radish and tomato

Coco Roco $4.95 romaine lettuce, carrot, red onion, peppers and tomato

Avocado $5.95 avocado, romaine lettuce, carrot, radish, red onion and tomato


Aguadito de pollo $3.50 cilantro chicken soup

Chupe de camarones $7.50 creamy shrimp soup with oregano, peas, corn, hard boiled egg and aji broth

Parihuela $10.95 a rich soup of mixed seafood in a spicy aji panca tomato broth


Papa rellena $6.50 potato stuffed with picadillo (diced beef and vegetables)

Papa a la Huancaina $6.00 boiled potatoes in a spicy cheese sauce

Anticuchos $7.00 skewered and grilled aji panca marinated beef heart

Choritos a la Chalaca $7.95 cooked mussels on the half shell topped with salsa criolla

Pulpo al Olivo $7.95 roesmary octopus with a Peruvian olive sauce

Chicarron de Calamar $7.95 fired squid, yuca frita and aji Amarillo

Tamalito Verde $6.50 cilantro tamal filled with roasted pork

Calamar a la Plancha $7.95 Grilled squid. yuca frita and aji amarillo

Empandas Array

Chicharon de pollo $5.95 crispy fried chicken pieces with rocoto(hot sweet pepper), lime and soy sauce

Choros Chinos $6.50 wok roasted mussel with a ginger, pepper and onion sauce

Conchas a la Plancha $6.00 skillet seared scallops with spring greens and tobiko

Ceviche Bar

Tiradito de lenguado $9.95 halibut in a hot yellow pepper and lime juice

Ceviche de cangrejo $9.95 crab meat marinated in a yellow pepper habanero sauce

Ceviche de camarones $8.95 Peruvian shrimp cocktail

Ceviche de papaya $12.95 red snapper marinated in a papaya, ginger and lime sauce

Ceviche de conchas $8.95 clams marinated in a spicy sauce of lime garlic and soy with habanero and leche de tigre (fish stock)

Ceviche de mariscos $10.95 mussels, shrimp and squid marinated in a spicy sauce served w/ lettuce, sweet potato and cancha

Ceviche mixto $10.95 mussels, shrimp, squid and red snapper in a spicy lime sauce served with lettuce, sweet potato and cacha


Churrasco Coco Roco $14.95 sirloin steak topped with scallion Chimichurri ( Argentine sauce), Coco Roco fries and grilled peppers

Entrana a la parilla $13.95 Argentine style skirt steak with yuca or baked potato and tomato salad

Milaneza de pollo o carne $10.95 chicken$11.95 meat breaded beef or chicken served with salsa criolla, baked potato and yellow rice

Lomo saltado $8.95 beef stir fry served with Coco Roco fries and rice

Tallarin saltado de pollo or carne $9.95 spaghetti with beef or chicken, tomato and red onions

Seco de cordero $12.95 lamb shank stew with mashed potato and cilantro sauce

Chicharron $10.95 Roasted pork with fried sweet potatoes salsa criolla and cilantro rice

pescados y mariscos-fish and Seafood

Arroz con choros $13.95 steamed bass with mussel-cilantro risotto and papa a la huancaina

Salmon con Quinoa $12.95 grilled salmon with couscous style quinoa and mini salad

Tacu tacu con pescado $13.95 sweet potato crusted red snapper served with tacu-tacu(peruvian rice and bean risotto

Pescado a la mancho $13.95 fried red snapper topped with mixed seafood in a creamy aji marisol sauce

Arroz chifa de mariscos $11.95 mixed seafood fried rice peruvian-style

Tallarin de mariscos $10.95 spaghetti with seafood, tomato and red onion

Jalea $10.95 mixed seafood lightly fried in purple corn meal, served with salsa criolla and yuca frita

Salmon morado $13.95 blue potato crusted salmon served with spinach mashed potato and relish

Calentado $14.95 grilled tuna steak served with rock shrimp, chorizo and rice timbal

Tramboyo $16.95 crispy whole red snapper served with avocado salad and yuca or mojo

Paella $11.95 for one$17.95 for two seafood chicken and chorizo with rice and vegetables

Arroz con coco $12.95 sauteed red snapper fillet with coconut rice and avocado tobiko salsa

Pescado a la chorillana $12.95 sauteed red snapper fillet with black beans, peppers saltada and maduros

SandwichesServed on special Coco Roco soft baguette

Pan con pollo $5.50 shredded roasted chicken with crisp lettuce, tomato, avocado and jalapeno

Pan con chicharron $5.95 roasted pork, fried sweet potato and salsa criolla

Pan con carne $5.95 grilled steak, griled peppers and onions and chimichurri sauce

Family speacialsall chicken platters include house salad (any changes are subject to extra charges)

2 Chickens with steamed vegetables, large portions of Coco Roco fries and rice and beans $23.95

2 Whole Chickens with large portions of Coco Roco fries and plantains $22.50

1 Whole Chicken with large portions of rice and beans and steamed vegetables $13.95

1 Whole Chicken with Coco Roco fries and a large portion of rice and beans $12.95

1 Whole Chicken with yuca and plantains $11.95

1 Whole Chicken with steamed vegetables $11.95

1 Whole Chicken with a baked sweet potato $9.95

1/2 Chicken with Choice of rice and beans or sweet plantains, yuca or Coco Roco fries $6.50

1/4 Chicken with Choice of rice and beans or sweet plantains,yuca or Coco Roco fries $4.95

Pollo Entero-Whole Chicken $8.95

Medio Pollo-Half Chicken $4.50


Papas fritas $2.00 Coco Roco fries

Vegetables $3.95 steamed broccoli, zucchini, carrot

Maduros $2.25 fried sweet plantains

Tostones $2.25 fried green plantains

Yuca frita $2.50 fried yuca

Arroz con frijoles $2.50 White or yellow rice and beans

Baked potato $1.95

Baked sweet potato $2.00

Boiled yuca with onions $2.50

Tacu-Tacu $3.95 peruvian rice ean risotto

Spinach mashed potato $2.95

vegetable stir-fry $3.95


Empanada de chocolate con miel de chancaca $3.95 chirimoya ice cream filled pastries topped with Chancaca syrup

Picarones de platano con meil de chancaca $3.95 banana fritters served with Chancaca syrup and your Choice of Peruvian ice cream flavors: Lucuma, Chirimoya or Maracuya

Pudin $3.95 warm bread pudding topped with 'tres leches' sauce

Arroz con leche $3.95 traditional rice pudding

Banana tres leche $3.95 fried banana in a triple milk sauce

Helados $3.95 peruvian ice cream flavors: Lucuma, Chirmoya or maracuya

Flan $3.95 Coconut and lime flan with dulce de leche


Please note: all menu items and prices are subject to change.