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Neely's Barbecue Parlor
1125 First Ave (62nd St)
New York, NY, 10065
(212) 832-1551

Cuisine: Barbecue

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Television couple the Neely's took a risk in opening a family-friendly barbecue parlor in a city so famed for its cuisine - New York - where you either have to be the best of a classic or put a new spin on something to last more than five minutes. This Food Network couple got a lot of media attention when they opened their restaurant on the Upper East Side earlier this year... and a lot of grumbling reviews from people who expected more from the husband-and-wife team who are always laughing and flirting on screen.

Barbecue may not be New York's forte, but you can still find decent versions of some of the South's most classic dishes in certain authentic eateries around town. Traditionalists have not been impressed with the Neely's lackluster basics like ribs, cole slaw and mac-and-cheese, which aren't living up to the hype one would expect from such a charismatic couple with a strong past in the restaurant business: their BBQ restaurants in Tennessee have been nothing but a success.

Time will only tell. For now, Neely's is offering family-geared dining, including a kids' menu, and they deliver, which is more than one can say for barbecue joints in the South. Maybe the poor reviews are a fluke or a result of too much hype, or maybe Neely's, like so many others, will fade into a ghost of New York's restaurant scene. Until then, make your own decision: the fried pickles, shrimp and grits and chicken fried steak have all gotten good reviews, as have the myriad of cocktails on offer.
- Emily Monaco

Neighborhood: East 60s

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Chef: Pat and Gina Neely

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