A 1960s Inspired "Mod" Roller Rink Arrives at The Standard

April 3, 2023, 6:27.42 pm ET  

Photos: The Standard High Line                                                

The Standard High Line is now home to a 1960s-style Roller Skating Rink at The Standard High Line.  The seasonal rink will have you doing some groovy moves whether you’re a skater or just want to catch the action.   

The bright white skating rink, perfect for this spring weather, is also home to some tasty bites like Disco Fries (ranch waffle fries, white cheddar, chicken gravy), Fried Chicken, The Standard Hot Dog, and Nachos. Cocktails can also be sipped from a wearable drink pouch, allowing for hands-free fun as you cruise around the rink. Just don’t drink too much or you could be cruising for a bruising.


Weekly programming and events will include silent-skate nights, disco parties, burlesque, drag shows and designated kids- and adult-only skate hours. Rental skates staring at $10 will be available for all guests in the Skate Shack. The rink is open Mon- Fri 12pm -10pm, and Sat & Sun 11am-10pm. Admission is Free!

For more information, visit standardhotels.com 

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