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A Conversation with Acclaimed Chef Gabriel Kreuther
July 24, 2023, 7:34.32 pm ET


Photo: Paul Waagtouicz

CITITOUR’S Q&A Series with celebrated New York City chefs continues with Chef Gabriel Kreuther of the New York City restaurant that bears his name.

Chef Kreuther spent the first decade of his career working in Michelin-starred kitchens in Germany, France and Switzerland and received the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef in New York City in 2009. In June of 2015, he opened Gabriel Kreuther across from Bryant Park combining classic French techniques with his Alsatian heritage.

CITITOUR: You recently celebrated a milestone at your restaurant, Gabriel Kreuther, with its Eighth Anniversary. What did that milestone mean to you and the team?

CHEF KREUTHER: The eighth year anniversary meant so much to everyone on our team. First, it’s an important milestone in the restaurant industry in general, especially here in New York City. 8 years of continuous effort in collaborating in achieving goals as a team, in creating a restaurant that day in and day out is striving to deliver fond memories to our guests. We keep moving ahead and with our own style, the anniversary was a reaffirmation of that. It was a great time to reflect on achievements and thank the core team to have stayed the course despite the challenges of the pandemic.

CITITOUR: Your style of cooking represents your heritage from the Alsace region of France. What should people expect when they dine at the restaurant, and how has the food been elevated at Gabriel Kreuther? Also, what is your favorite dish?

CHEF KREUTHER: People should expect a modern interpretation of the Alsatian Heritage. It can be as a whole dish (Truffled Country Pate, Applewood Smoked Bacon Tarte Flambee and the Roasted Alsatian Country Sausage with Sauerkraut and Violet Mustard ), it could be just an inherent ingredient from the region like Foie Gras, White Asparagus, the usage of a fine trout, duck, local cultured butter), it can be a specific seasoning trifecta of specific spices always containing a bit of nutmeg or the usage of fermented vegetables like sauerkraut.

My favorite dishes are the classic Tarte Flambée and the Sturgeon and Sauerkraut Tart. Those dishes represent the evolution of my take on Alsatian heritage. The tarte flambée being the foundation and the spirit of the farm style cooking and the Sturgeon tart being the natural evolution of an elegant country style using the most basic fermented Kraut as a base and elevating it to the highest level with the caviar. The interesting part of that dish is that it goes full circle, the most simple and fermented cabbage, the sturgeon fish that we brine and smoke ourselves and the caviar on the top.

CITITOUR: Your restaurant is broken up into three unique spaces/experiences: The Main Dining Room, The Bar & Lounge and The Kitchen Table. What can diners expect at each? Are there any special offerings available to guests at the Kitchen Table?

CHEF KREUTHER: In the Dining Room we offer an array of experiences depending on the mood and feel of the guest likes to have as an experience. 3 courses $155; 4 courses $185 or the tasting menu for $255 per person.

At the Bar & Lounge we offer an a la carte option of our menu. There the guest can leisurely try different dishes with a slightly deeper classical Alsatian experience.

At the Kitchen Table, we propose a curated experience with some of the highlights of our classics. This experience is more of a conversation with the chefs that will then drive the experience along with the Sommelier. $295 per person.

CITITOUR: Coming out of the pandemic, do you feel the business community in New York City is stronger? You have since taken down your outdoor terrace. Did that help you get through what was difficult time for all restaurants in the city?

CHEF KREUTHER: The outdoor space is what ultimately kept us in business during the pandemic. Everyone on our team wanted a purpose and to see and serve guests. It was amazing when in the middle of the winter guests came in and wanted to eat a nice menu outside. The team had an enormous amount of respect for people that came to see us during this period. We were offering very comforting and easy dishes during the reopening period and focused on our close community. That’s also the way we rebuilt a larger team to then refocus on our core business and evolve again up to the level we were at before shutting down. Now that this period is behind us, we feel that the business has come back in a very nice way and is stronger than before the pandemic.

CITITOUR: You and your business partner, Eben Dorros, will soon be opening two new dining concepts at The Spiral at 66 Hudson Boulevard in New York City slated to open in 2024. What can you tell us about these projects, and when do you think they will be up and running?

CHEF KREUTHER: My business partner and I are very excited with the 2 new projects that we are working on in the Spiral building at Hudson Yards. As we speak, we are in full swing of development and all I can tell you right now is that there will be a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner concept that will focus on sustainability and high-quality products. The restaurant will focus on a more casual feel with an emphasis on the elements and open wood fires.

CITITOUR: What do you like to do when you're not in the kitchen? Aside from your own, do you have a restaurant you like to visit in the city, or a favorite cuisine outside of France?

CHEF KREUTHER: I love to travel, bike, hike, spend time with my 6-year-old daughter and visit museums. I love introducing her to foods from other cultures especially Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese and Italian food. Depending on the mood I like Al Coro, Balthazar, Sushi Yasuda, Cote, Periyali, Mel’s pizza.

We’d like to thank Chef Kreuther for taking the time to grant us this interview and wish him, and his team, much success in the future.


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