A deep dive into Chef Medina's menu at Kuxe

March 11, 2021, 11:43.40 pm ET  

First look at some of the exciting dishes you will find on Chef Julian Medina's menu at Kuxé, celebrating  authentic Mexican cuisine.

Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Tacos de Birria

TACOS DE BIRRIA - Braised brisket in red chiles, melted Chihuahua cheese, onion,
cilantro & salsa verde 

 Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Cemitas
CEMITAS - Puebla style torta with sweet sesame bun, organic chicken milanesa, quesillo,
avocado, papalo greens, tomato, chipotle, pinto beans, mayo

 Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Machete

MACHETE - Large corn tortilla filled with Oaxaca cheese, lettuce, crema queso fresco with
choice of: Huitlacoche & Mushrooms / Chicken Tinga / Chicharrón prensado

 Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Molcajete Volcan

MOLCAJETE VOLCÁN - Skirt steak, chorizo, shrimp, chicken, queso fresco, nopales,
Texas onion, stewed in molcajete and roasted chile de árbol salsa

 Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Mole de Caderas
MOLE DE CADERAS - Steamed Lamb shank Huasmole marinated in chiles, guaje seeds
& seasonal vegetables.
Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Tlacoyo de Frijol
TLACOYO DE FRIJOL - Blue corn masa, refried black beans, requeson, salsa verde, fried egg

 Kuxe, Mexican, Chef Medina, Tamal de Zarzamora

Photos: Marconi Gonzales                                                                                      




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