Atoboy x Atomix are teaming up with ATOČ

January 6, 2021, 5:55.32 pm ET  

Photo: Atoboy/Atomix                                                                                            

After initially closing their doors due to a pause in indoor dining in New York City, a newly built outdoor space is clearing the way for a collaboration between Aroboy x Atomix to create a special six-course tasting menu dubbed ATO².

The $110 prix fixe menu (hospitality included, beverage pairing optional) is composed of items influenced by ingredients - seasonal and preserved - influenced by the flavors that chefs, Hasung Lee (Chef de Cuisine at Atomix) and Taesung Kim (Chef de Cuisine at Atoboy) are passionate about and enjoy. Hasung finds seasonality of the ingredients as his main source of inspiration when developing a menu item whereas Taesung often finds himself reaching deep within his foundations largely based on Italian cuisine. Both enjoy Chinese and Korean flavors on nights off, thus one can enjoy a variety of flavors, textures, and techniques in their first-ever collaborative tasting menu.

Think dressed-up Atoboy and Atomix on a fun night off. The restaurants say it's best of both worlds for our guests new and old, who have graciously supported us throughout all of the changes.


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